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- February 20 -

yea take it away before i blow yr fuckin balls off


ugh .

lol .

i left the blog for almost a week ,

simply because i dont have the privacy to do some stuff ,

with posers around the house .

and i needa study for exams .

i got lots to blog about but apparently i forgot most of it .

like seriously ,

im taking 2 days to study 1 chapter and exam is in 4 days time .

and now im distracted by the cover vids posted in fb by my poser bro’s clan .

i desperately need a solution to stop people from stealing music ,

cos its really annoying when they spoil the pure goodness to the ears .

watever .

and then lotsa people change their status to being in a relationship which makes me wonder whens it gonna be my turn .

and then now i thought back about how i planned to never even dream about being in one .

sigh .

its not me thats the problem ,

its them , so fuck it .

and then it hurts to see fahmi and hisyam not being the best of friends anymore ,

or so it seems after reading fahmi’s blog .

poor fahmi must be really stressed up with school .

and i really understand him , because i took up a subject i really am not good with and would never get good with , so what more a course which has everythin you aren’t so good with .

i wouldn’t give any advise though ,

however i can help if needed .

i feel guilty now ,

as i haven’t been out lately when i said i’ll come .

sigh .

the main reason is because i feel so zombiefied .

i can’t do anythin else but to stay infront of the computer screen .

and it really sucks .

right now after i ate and all i feel full but weak ,

like theres no energy flowing to your hands ,

only a full stomach .

help me , someone








im late for school and i waited 15min for my straightener to heat up ,
only to realise its not even on .

im late for school and i waited 15min for my straightener to heat up ,

only to realise its not even on .


first .

hurrah a new blog cos im gonna have so much free time soon .

bye for now .

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